Dance is the first branch of art, which is created by human. It is integrity, which includes nature’s rhythm, the moves of body, energy and emotions. Previously, there were no rules about dance but today, it shows itself.

It evolved from the past to the present. And it owes its improve to civilizations, social alloys, geography and the lover of dance, music.

The geography of dance is related to Anatolia lands. Anatolia is valuable and it includes many different civilizations together.

Dance means sometimes abundance, sometimes disaster, sometimes crushed. It shows lyrical, emotional and exotic figures. Basically, dance is attitude, position and explaining ourselves.

Turkish Romans created their dance style with these themes. However they affected by other old communities. Crushed, exclusion and the pressure is being other, started to express themselves by music and dance. They believe that dance and music are the reason of existence for them and these are their identity because of the genetic substance.

The rhythm of Roman music is 9/8. There are different forms of expression for diversification of this measure in Roman dancing. Tulum(heavy)-Pancar(fast) and Gayda are performed at the same rhythm, but they have different figure, expression and metronome. Again, the play called “karşılama” is not a Roman dance. It shapes with the social interaction of communities. The most important difference is the style of performance. “Karşılama” plays 2-4-6 people of groups. However Roman dancing is individual and spontaneous. Romans perform the dance with creativity. They execute personal choreography such as during the dance they are angry, cheerful, cynical, glad, etc.

There two types of dance models called oriental, which created in Anatolian lands.


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